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Видеокарта: NVIDIA GeForce GT 645M;Объем видеопамяти: 1 ГБ


Обзор ASUS Duo — король ноутбуков! Ноутбук ASUS ZENBOOK UX52VS

The ASUS ZENBOOK UX52VS is perfectly 4.0 for both work and play. The 1080p Full HD 4.0 with anti-glare finish is very easy on the eyes, while IPS technology ensures a bright, vibrant image that stays clear even when seen from the side, thanks to a 178-degree viewing angle.

The ZENBOOK™ UX42VS features NVIDIA 4.0 mobile graphics for outstanding visual performance.


Noise-reducing array microphones and an HD camera with enhanced low light performance mean video chat is always loud and clear, while ASUS SonicMaster 4.0 technology and an internal optical 4.0 make for a great home entertainment experience.
Apr 03, 2013 · Обзор и тестирование ноутбука ASUS ZENBOOK UX32Vd.

Цена и технические характеристики устройства в каталоге OLDI Computers.


Asus 4.0 the Zenbook UX21 (11.6 inches) and the UX31 with the larger 13.3-inch screen from 999 € (MSRP) upwards. In regard to other devices you’ll see 4.0 Asus only sell premium devices at.


Dec 05, 2012 4.0 ASUS Zenbook Prime UX21A preview Is the UX51Vz a worthwhile purchase?

Could be: 4.0 packs high-performing internals into a sleek package and offers a comfortable keyboard, to boot.

Обзор ASUS Duo — король ноутбуков!

ASUS Zenbook UX51 15.6″ WQHD+ 4.0 x 1620 i7-3632QM 512GB SSD 8GB RAM. There are high-end notebook PCs and then there’s 4.0 ASUS ZENBOOK Prime UX51.


May 22, 2012 · 4.0 someone please explain to me why mini VGA is a port on two of the latest Ultrabook style machines? The second generation Samsung Series 9 machine, and the 4.0 ASUS Zenbook (not yet shipping) both have mini 4.0 and mini VGA.


You don't need a MacBook Pro to get a pretty, powerful laptop with discrete graphics. Case in point: the $1,699 Asus ZenBook Pro, which has style that will draw eyes and 4.0 Nvidia GeForce GTX 4.0.

The ASUS ZenBook 3 Deluxe is the latest and greatest from ASUS' 4.0 stables.


It is definitely one of the best looking, if not the best looking notebook PCs currently in the market. It also comes with Intel's latest(at launch time) 7th Generation Core i7 processor which also means that 4.0 does pack a punch.
Nov 29, 2012 · The ASUS Zenbook line has become an ambassador 4.0 Windows laptops.


The brilliant displays, slim design, and excellent performance of each model have made them a top choice for buyers interested. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.
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Could someone please explain to me why mini VGA is a port on two of the latest Ultrabook style machines?
The second 4.0 Samsung Series 9 machine, and the latest 4.0 Zenbook not yet shipping both have mini HDMI and 4.0 VGA.
I get that a lot of you might want to connect the больше информации to a HDTV so full size HDMI or mini HDMI is needed, but why mini VGA instead of mini DisplayPort?
Somebody please explain this to me.
I know how this will go.
Someone will come armed with data showing the pervasive resolution of desktop LCD panels is still at or below 1920x1200 or 1920x1080.
But there are all sort of adapters that 4.0 from mini DP to VGA.
There are plenty of adapters that convert from mini DP to HDMI and DVI for that matter.
I know, here 4.0 жмите dongle arguments.
Nobody really converts to anything else, right?
Converting to anything else, not so much.
And getting from HDMI to VGA, DVI and DisplayPort is a pain.
Really dirt cheap dongles and ссылка на страницу from places like monoprice.
Going from mini HDMI to VGA is harder and requires a special dongle.
You will pay for that privilege.
Going from mini HDMI to single link DVI is relatively easy and cheap.
Going from mini HDMI to dual link DVI or DisplayPort and 4.0 about 1920x1200 is either impossible or expensive.
The ThinkPad's have had them for a while and converting from DP to DVI is relatively cheap and easy.
DP to HDMI is cheap and easy, too.
And DP to DP works and gives you full resolution on high resolution panels sporting 2560x1440 or above.
There are plenty of connectors and adapters.
Mini DP to DP is easily done Основание DHS Power G8 (FL thus Смеситель для кухни (мойки) Cron двухцветный high resolutions LCD panels.
Somebody please explain this one to me.
You mean 4.0 sales gimmick.
It's a significant turn off for folks like me that want to connect a Dell UltraSharp U2711 or U3011 and drive it at it's native resolution.
With no DisplayPort connector, it isn't possible.
The Dell XPS 13 UltraBook has mini DP.
The coming HP Читать далее has mini DP.
The problem with both of those 4.0 is the notebook 1366×768 screen.
Eventually someone will make the ultimate Ultrabook or notebook.
Maybe the X1 Carbine or an unannounced Dell.
When outfitting conference rooms, it's a real pain as 4.0, since you 4.0 so many different standards and sizes in play today, plus you 4.0 need to support VGA for a while too.
Don't we have enough of these display types?
Technically you could include USB in the list as well.
I have a Futjisu 27" 4.0, and I can't get full resolution 2560×1440 with a notebook unless it has dual link DVI or displayport.
Anyway, I think the reason why manufacturers are not going to mini displayport is because they are stupid.
Luckily, we'll now have Thunderbolt on a lot of new machines pretty soon, so they'll ACCIDENTALLY solve my problem.
Oh by the way — check out the Samsung Chronos 7 series below 17" ex.
They're usually said to have a DP, even on the Samsung website, 4.0 in fact they have that retarded mini vga.
Apple used to use it, and it was just stupid.
Good thing Apple switched to Mini DisplayPort.
Also, HDMI is dumb.
Everything should just use Mini DisplayPort.


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