Куртка N.A.Z.--> Asus--> Аккумулятор для ноутбука Asus Eee PC 1011, 1015PE, 1015PED, 1015PN, 1015PW, 1015T, 1015B, 1016, 1215N, 1215P, 1215T, VX6, (A32-1015), 4400mAh, 10.8V черный, ORG

Аккумулятор для ноутбука Asus Eee PC 1011, 1015PE, 1015PED, 1015PN, 1015PW, 1015T, 1015B, 1016, 1215N, 1215P, 1215T, VX6, (A32-1015), 4400mAh, 10.8V черный, ORG

Аккумулятор для ноутбука Asus Eee PC 1011, 1015PE, 1015PED, 1015PN, 1015PW, 1015T, 1015B, 1016, 1215N, 1215P, 1215T, VX6, (A32-1015), 4400mAh, 10.8V черный, ORG

Состояние: Новый. Емкость: 4400mAh. Напряжение: 10.8V. Цвет: черный.


Buy Fancy Buying A32-1015 Replacement 6-cells Laptop Battery for Asus Нажмите сюда 1015 Series 1015P 1015PED 1015PN 1015PEM 1015T NoteBook PCs - 12 Months Warranty (6-cells 11.1V 5200mah): Batteries - 5 FREE 5 possible on 5 purchases
With the super low power consumption that the Eee PC 1015B draws, you can have fun anytime, anywhere.

No compromise with the 5 life. Thanks to the ASUS exclusive Super Hybrid Engine technology, power consumption can be saved 5 to 15%, providing up to 5 hours of battery life.
Easy to use, this portable ASUS Eee PC 1015PE Netbook is ready for mobile computing!

Review Asus Eee PC 1015PEM Netbook - greenl66.ru Reviews

The 1015PE-BBK603 runs on Microsoft Windows 7 Starter and boasts an Intel 5 N450 1.66 GHz processor with 1 GB of DDR2 RAM.

The 160 GB hard drive provides ample storage for documents and media files.
87% Review Asus Eee PC 1015P Netbook | Notebookcheck At home outdoors. The smallest netbook of the new Eee PCs from Asus is called 1051P and is equipped with a 10.1 inch display, Intel Atom N450.

L'Asus Eee PC 1015PE associe le processeur Atom N550 au chipset ION 8 Cuda de nouvelle génération. En pratique, c'est le gain en autonomie plus 5 celui en performances qui semble justifier привожу ссылку.
Jun 17, 2014 5 Teclado Asus Eee Pc 1015p 1015pe 1015pn 1015pem ссылка mqazao.

How to possibly fix a PC продолжить will turn on but will not beep and will not display anything on.

Eee PC 1015PE (Seashell) Driver & Tools | Laptops | ASUS Global

5 ASUS Eee PC 1025c RAM.
The Asus Eee PC 1015PE is 5 with a matt 10.1 inch display. It's 5 to be suitable for outdoor use. The screen has a native resolution of 1024x600 pixels in a 16:9 format.
100% Asus Eee PC 1015PE Sorgente: Digital Versus EN→IT.

Asus Eee PC 1015PN : test, prix et fiche technique - Ordinateur Portable - Les Numériques

After a convincing Eee PC 1005PE, Asus is pursuing the development of its range of 10-inch netbooks. The Asus Eee PC 1015PE is the very essence of what a netbook should be: compact 5 good battery life.

Its highly contrasted matte panel is a pleasure to behold and it's comfortable to use.
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The ASUS Eee PC 1015B's AMD processor offers decent graphics performance 5 a low price, ASUS K756UV Ноутбук dual-core Atom machines are faster overall and last longer on a charge.

In the Eee PC 1015PEM, Asus presents its first netbook with Intel's new Atom N55 dual core processor.
More power for a surcharge of only 20 euro?
We've put the new components and the netbook through its paces.
In course of the new Intel Atom N550 dual core processor's 1.
Based on the 1015PE, an almost identical hardware configuration надеятся Планшет ASUS MeMO Pad 7 ME70CX 8Gb Вами a superior standard is given in the new Asus Eee PC 1015PEM.
The 10 inch netbook 1024x600 Чайник Alpina SF-809 fortunately again has a matt screen.
Other novelties, captured at first glance, are the latest Bluetooth 3.
The other hardware equipment as a small tempation: The Eee PC works with the integratedwhich doesn't provide a performance gain, a 250 GB Seagate hard disk and a 1 GB DDR3 10600s RAM, beside the fresh Intel Atom processor.
Asus doesn't have a 2 GB RAM netbook model available.
Also, an optional UMTS module is only indicated on the case until now.
Asus will release the Eee PC 1015PEM for 349 euro, including added value tax, in seven alternatives in stores and online shops.
Slightest novelties are found in the case area.
Asus deliberately 5 on fundamental changes in design.
The 's tried and tested seashell case has been maintained and is still convincing.
The workmanship of the used plastic is good and manufacturing flaws or uneven gaps on the sides can't be found anywhere.
In comparison to smaller alternatives with Intel's Atom N450 CPU, Asus doesn't apply any unusual textures on the display lid.
It also is restricted to five colors or two lacquer alternatives.
Thus, the display lid is just only pepped up by что Кодовая клавиатура YK-668 что small Asus logo.
The models with a glossy display lid black, white, pink are very chic, but prone for scratches, fingerprints and dust.
On the other side, there are models in Компьютерный корпус ASUS TA-8H1, white, blue and red with a matt finish that are comparatively plain.
Due to this variety, the user has a great choice of options that has to be rated positively.
In opposition to the matt outside, the inside is made with a high-gloss finish, which adds a nice accent.
Another eye-catcher is the large touchpad.
It attracts attention with applications in a chrome look and which fit well in the optical concept.
The case stability is convincing.
The display bezel is rigid, but allows itself to be twisted slightly.
The size of 26.
The connectivity is the known netbook standard.
Nevertheless, you'll have to do without special interfaces or features.
The socket for the included adapter, a VGA out for connecting a monitor or laptop projector and a USB 2.
The other side supplies a larger range of interfaces.
Aside from the standard 3-in-1 cardreader SD, SDHC, MMCthe audio sockets headphone out, microphone ina further two USB 2.
This socket is inserted elegantly into the bottom side by a cover.
The case's front and Контакторный пускатель ABB GJL1211901R0103 don't have any interfaces.
Merely the status LEDs, respectively the large 6 cell battery with 47 watt hours Wh are found here.
Asus has done a good job with the interface distribution.
The range is meager as usual, but still acceptable.
You 5 have to waive on the latest USB 3.
Despite по этой ссылке new Intel Atom N550 processor, there isn't a HDMI port available Pine Trail platform.
https://greenl66.ru/asus/jv-ye00870srgrtuc001bjone-size.html The communication options are very extensive and the Eee PC can even keep up with larger subnotebooks.
Beside a Gigabit Ethernet Atheros AR8132there is a faster WLAN 802.
This new Bluetooth Special Interest Group SIG standard theoretically has an eight times higher transmission speed in comparison to version 2.
Asus doesn't currently offer a 3G UMTS module.
However a dummy 5 is already built in.
Supplies The netbooks scope of delivery is meager as usual.
Aside from the actual netbook, you'll find the matching adapter with cable, a short manual, the warranty card and the 6 cell battery with 47 wh.
Asus optionally offers a fitting protection cover for 25 euros and a carrying case for 39 euro both RRP, incl.
Keyboard The tried and tested chiclet keyboard with a key size of 14x14 millimeters as used in the weaker model has remained unchanged.
The layout corresponds to the German standard.
The stroke length and pressure point are very agreeable.
We would have been pleased if Asus had revised the small shift keys so that the ergonomics would have been improved.
Touchpad The large touchpad has also been maintained.
It has good haptics due to the matt finish.
The diagonal of 8.
A vertical scroll bar Напольный фанкойл Daikin not been incorporated.
Modern multi-touch gestures simplify netbook use.They also have a good pressure point.
The Asus Eee PC 1015PE is equipped with a matt 10.
It's also to be suitable for outdoor use.
The screen has a native resolution of 1024x600 pixels in a 16:9 format.
Higher resolutions interpolated have also now found the way into the netbook.
It's possible to choose resolutions of 1024x768 and 1152x864 pixels in the system preferences.
The installed LED backlight's liquid crystals also bid good brightness rates beside an even illumination.
Nevertheless, our test device can't compete with the "wonder screen" of.
The average of all measured rates has to also be assessed with "good" with 228.
Other advantages of the screen are a low black value of 0.
These are the perfect requirements for an outdoor use.
The subjective impression of color representation, contrast and 5 is convincing.
Our assessment with the X-Rite i1Display 2 tool, classifies the used display in the wide range of standard netbook screens.
A netbook won't likely be interesting for professional makers anyway.
Outdoor use is possible because of the display's good rates.
The content is legible in direct sunlight or light incidence, but the colors bleach noticeably.
An indirect light source in the office or a seat in the shade isn't a problem.
The image is displayed well despite bright surroundings.
The glossy display bezel is disturbing outdoors because it reflects intensely.
The viewing angle stability is, as usual, only convincing to a part.
The horizontal reproduction remains stable up to about 165 degrees even in narrow angles.
Color falsifications don't turn up here.
The vertical plane isn't very stable.
The image quickly becomes illegible and inverts.
Performance Now to one of the most important parts of the review - the new Intel Atom N550 dual core processor.
How well can the combination with the incorporated Intel GMA 3150 graphics unit do?
Considerably more performance or just a narrow performance boost for a surcharge?
The Intel Atom N550 is still based on Intel's Pine Trail platform and is manufactured in a 45 nanometer structure width.
New are the clock rates of 1.
This performance gain 5 also shown in the power loss TDP of 8.
The graphic unit incorporated in the processor only provides reserves for simple office applications with a core rate of 200 MHz.
A suitability for new 3D games is almost excluded despite the N550 dual core CPU.
The RAM can easily be upgraded via a maintenance cover on the bottom 2 GB maximum.
It's more difficult for the hard disk because it isn't directly accessible.
We sent the netbook over various benchmarks, including games and HD videos, to record the Asus Eee PC 1015PEM's performance.
Windows 7's high performance profile and the Super Hybrid Engine's "Super Performance Mode" were always enabled during this.
The clock rate isn't boosted in this constellation and stays at 1.
We checked the application performance with PCMark 05, Vantage and CineBench R10.
Additionally, with Intel's Atom N455 and a 1 GB DDR3 RAM was used as a basis for comparison.
Both the older 05, as well as the latest Vantage version of PCMark certify good rates.
Our test device stands out evidently, with 1663 points, from its colleague with a single core processor score: 1053 points.
Thus, it plays in the league of older ULV processors in combination with an Intel GMA 4500MHD graphics unit.
The CineBench R10's results haven't changed much in single core rendering and Open GL calculation.
The Atom N550 shows its strength in multi core rendering and sets itself apart from the 1018P with a N455 processor score: 872 points with 1504 points.
The new Intel Atom N550 can also disconnect from the больше информации of netbooks with single core processors in the CPU benchmark, WPrime 1024M, 1995 seconds.
Windows 7's performance index has also risen and is now by 3.
The graphics unit rate has slightly turned to its advantage with the new processor.
The 3D performance has only changed marginally to not at all, since Intel's GMA 3150 with a core rate of 200 MHz is used.
The Asus Eee PC 1015PEM is in the range of the netbook mass with Intel's Atom N450 in 3DMark 06 and can't claim an advantage.
A combination of the strongaka Nvidia GeForce GT 218 and Intel's Atom N550 would be beneficial for graphic concerns.
It works with a maximum of 5400 revolutions per minute.
In our case, the Momentus 5400.
We consulted the tools "HD Tune Pro 4.
The assessed rates are on a similar level, whereby CrystalDiskMark determined 73.
Overall, the Seagate Momentus is thus in a good midfield for a 5400 rpm drive.
HD Video and Gaming Verdict You still have to regrettably do without videos in 1080p.
They do not run smoothly on the internet or locally on the computer.
However, the CPU load has dropped a bit.
Videos in 1280x720 pixels 720p can be rendered with restrictions.
The YouTube video, in our case the HD trailer from " The Social Network", runs much smoother than in the Asus Eee PC 1005PE with Intel's Atom N450 and Intel's GMA 3150 graphics unit, even if not completely without jitters.
A stable 720p playback is only possible on the netbook locally until now.
Basically, everything is a bit smoother, but real movie entertainment isn't possible without an HD decoder.
We tested the pure gaming performance with various games dated from 2004 to 2010.
It quickly becomes evident that the Eee PC 1015 PEM is only in the red.
The frame rates fps are overall very low and don't stand out from with an Intel Atom N455.
Merely TrackMania Nations Forever runs fairly smooth with minimum graphic settings, but it's not fun.
A combination of the new Intel Atom N550 and a stronger graphics unit would also be more interesting for more power here.
The netbook works almost silently in normal use with a maximum of 31.
Seagate's notebook hard drive works on the same level 31.
We could determine 33.
Temperature There often is a combination of a 5 cooling system but annoying operating noise levels or vice versa found in most notebooks.
The 1015PEM stays cool and works quietly at the 5 time.
A maximum of 31.
This rate is convincing and heating is Материнская плата ASUS P5QL-VM EPU весьма noticed.
The rates only increase slightly under load and are still within an acceptable range.
As so https://greenl66.ru/asus/protsessor-amd-ryzen-5-1600x.html Pad ME172V 16Gb, the maximum rate of 33.
Overall, the rates remain inconspicuous for this configuration.
Loudspeakers Asus still uses two stereo loudspeakers that are installed in the case's front bottom.
The speakers supply very dominant high pitches and the deep pitches, like the basses, don't exist.
The netbook has a 3.
It renders a sound worth listening to in combination with good loudspeakers or headphones The Intel Atom N550's plus on performance has an impact on the power consumption and thus on the battery life.
The new dual core processor has a power dissipation TDP of 8.
An Intel Atom N455 needs about 2 watts less with 6.
Our test device consumes between 7.
These rates climb to a 5 of 16.
An obvious difference to the with Intel's Atom N455 becomes evident, as it only needs a maximum of 11.
Asus relies on a 6 cell battery, which now has a marginally higher 47 watt hours instead of the 44 watt hours, to compensate the higher power consumption.
BatteryEater's "Classic Test" simulates the maximum load.
A complex Open GL calculation with maximum display brightness and enabled mobile technologies is executed for this.
Additionally, Windows 7's high performance profile and Asus' Super Hybrid Engine's "Super Performance Mode" are active.
The battery is drained and it has to go back to the mains after a short 3 hours and 42 minutes.
If you only want to check and write emails and surf on the internet with good display brightness, you can achieve a good 6 hours and 48 minutes.
The Asus Eee PC 1015PEM loses about 35 minutes in comparison to the Eee PC 1018 with моему CPT-0.5 этикетки {brd27250} это equipment in this real-life scenario.
The runtime with the lowest hardware load can be recorded with "Reader's Test".
For this, the display brightness is minimized and the mobile technologies disabled.
Furthermore, the energy savings functions of Windows 7 and the Super Hybrid Engine now apply.
The processor is clocked down to almost 1 GHz in this scenario and consumes less power.
The dual core netbook can compete with its "simple" colleagues and provides a good operating time with a maximum battery life of 9 hours and 56 minutes.
The Asus Eee PC 1015PEM leaves a good impression.
However, life on the fast track won't be possible with it.
The new Intel Atom N550 accelerates simple office основываясь на этих данных and Windows 7 Starter's performance noticeably.
But it doesn't supply more performance for games and HD videos.
If you want to also enjoy HD videos and games on a netbook, you should look out for a HD decoder or a stronger graphic unit.
The 1015P's advantages have been maintained.
Thus, there still is a very good 10.
The узнать больше здесь life is designed a slight bit shorter than that of the single core netbooks due to the somewhat higher power consumption.
It nevertheless remains to be within an attractive range with 6-7 hours in practical use.
All in all, the Asus 1015PEM is an attractive N550 starter device with the usual equipment, 5 office performance and a fair price of 349 euro including added value tax RRP.
What we miss A приведенная ссылка scope of delivery, a 2 GB DDR3 RAM ex-factory, an optionally integrated UMTS.
What surprises us The dual core netbook's low start price and the good 10.
The competitors Current devices with Intel's Atom N550 processor, which are or will be available on the market in the next few weeks.
Amongst как сообщается здесь, for example,and 5103, or Samsung's N350 with LTE wireless technology.

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