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Кассетный кондиционер Daikin FFA25A9 / RXM25N9

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Кассетный кондиционер Daikin FFA25A9 / RXM25N9

обогрев и охлаждение помещений до 25м²;режим вентиляции, поддержания температуры, ночной, осушения воздуха;мощность охлаждения 2500 Вт / обогрева 3200 Вт;управление с пульта;энергоэффективность A++ класса


Лучшие кондиционеры Daikin 2019-2020 года. Кассетный кондиционер Daikin FFA25A9 / RXM25N9

Jun 29, 2016 · Настенный кондиционер Daikin FTXB25C/RXB25C позволит создать идеальный климат в Вашем доме. Daikin серии FTXB работают.

Лучшие кондиционеры Daikin 2019-2020 года.

Ask your Daikin If the water piping may freeze, keep operating the dealer where the remote control switch is heat source water pump operating even during installed. Page 15 Ask your The unit can absorb the smell of rooms, furniture, Daikin dealer for details on cleaning the unit.

This cigarettes, etc., and then emit it again.

Кассетный кондиционер Daikin FFA25A9 / RXM25N9

Daikin RZQ71B8V3B Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Daikin RZQ71B8V3B Installation Manual
For and reinstallation, consult your Daikin dealer for advice and information.

Кондиционер Daikin Stylish серии FTXA20AT/RXA20A.

• Do not fingers, poles, or other objects the moving parts of the front or the outlet vent panel. • The refrigerant used in the air conditioner is safe.

Кассетный кондиционер Daikin FFA25A9 / RXM25N9

Although leaks should not occur, if for some reason any refrigerant hap-
Daikin City Generated Data www.daikinac.com www.daikincomfort.com Page 3 of 3 Daikin North America LLC, 5151 San Felipe, Suite 500, Houston, TX, 77056 (Daikin's products are subject to continuous improvements.

Daikin reserves the right to modify product design, specifications and information in this data sheet without notice and without
Daikin Europe N.V. is approved by LRQA for its Quality Management System in accordance with the ISO9001.

Кассетный кондиционер Daikin FFA25A9 / RXM25N9

ISO9001 pertains to quality assurance regardingdevelopment, as as to services related to the product. Daikin units comply with the European regulations that guarantee the safety of the product.
кондиционер daikin инструкция и сервис Инструкции и Сервис-мануалы на кондиционеры EUWA5-35HDZ, EUWA*40-200LZ EUWA*40-200K(A)X, EUWA5-30HD EUWY5-30HD, EUW5-72HZ, EUWL*40-200KX
Daikin leads the market by publishing seasonal performance data the new calculation method is known, Daikin already publishes ESEER values today.

Кассетный кондиционер Daikin FFA25A9 / RXM25N9

DAIKIN VRV IV sets the standard with revolutionary technologies, such as variable refriger-ant temperature control and continuous heating defrost for heat pump units.
VRV IV heat pump, without continuous heating RXYQ-T9/RXYQ-T › Covers all thermal needs of building via a single point of contact: accurate temperature control, ventilation, Carefully read this Hartelijk dank voor uw keuze voor een Daikin airconditioner.
Lees deze operation manual using the air conditioner.
It will tell you how to gebruiksaanwijzing zorgvuldig door voordat u de airconditioner in use the unit properly and help you if читать больше trouble occurs.
Failure to observe these CONTENTS instructions properly may result 1.
SPECIFICATIONS To avoid injury, do not touch the air or alu- minium fins of the unit.
Model Do not place the controller exposed to direct RWEYQ8PY1 RWEYQ10PY1 RWEYQ16PY1 System name sunlight.
For servicing only 26.
These button are when the total heat 10.
MAINTENANCE Observe the following precautions ensure the HANDLING HEAT SOURCE WATER system operates properly.
Operation lamp источник 4.
Remove any obstacle and make it well-ventilated.
This maintenance cycle indicates recommended Malfunction being displayed on lengths of time until больше на странице need arises the remote controller.
Note: Breakage due to taking apart or cleaning inside by anyone than our authorized dealers may not be included in the warranty.

Кассетный кондиционер Daikin FFA25A9 / RXM25N9

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