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Горный (MTB) велосипед KONA Hei Hei 100 (2011)

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Горный (MTB) велосипед KONA Hei Hei 100 (2011)

колеса 26;материал рамы: алюминиевый сплав;количество скоростей: 30;пол: унисекс;амортизация: двухподвесный, ход вилки 100 мм


Kona Hei Hei DL - Full Suspension Bike Test / Review. I LIKED IT! Горный (MTB) велосипед KONA Hei Hei 100 (2011)

OVERVIEW DETAILED SPECS TECHNOLOGY REVIEWS GLOSSARY as the plushest short travel cross-country race bike in creation, for 2011 the Hei Hei 100 grows into golden age. Designed to go quick over rough terrain, in inclement conditions, driven by a committed engine (you), light and lively Scandium Hei Hei 100 is all good all the.

First Ride: Kona Hei Hei

One of our favorite bikes continues its legacy as a spectacularly quick, wickedly nimble, amazingly plush 100mm cross-country race bike. Forthe Hei Hei 100 is нажмите сюда using new Scandium 6069 tubing, one of the strongest and most lightweight aluminum alloys in the world, featuring specs like Maxxis Aspen tires and a Float RP2 rear shock that are all speed, all the time.

/> Write a Review Kona 2011 Hei Hei 100 (MSRP $2699) страница Known as the plushest short travel cross-country race bike in creation, for 2011 the Hei Hei 100 grows into its golden age.

Горный (MTB) велосипед KONA Hei Hei 100 (2011)

Product Description Known as the plushest short travel cross-country race bike in creation, for 2011 Hei привожу ссылку 100 grows into its golden age.

Designed go quick over rough terrain, in inclement conditions, driven by a committed engine (you), the light and lively Scandium Hei Hei is all good all the time.

Kona 2011 Hei Hei 100 - Pinkbike

/> 29 inch (MTB Wheel sizes explained) Chainset Front Derailleur Rear Derailleur Shifters. Kona HEI HEI 2-9 2011: Spec Value.

Горный (MTB) велосипед KONA Hei Hei 100 (2011)

Kona 2+2 DL 2011: £3,200:
Kona 2011 Hei Hei 2-9 (MSRP $3699) — The ultimate dual suspension 29er.Tough enough to ride the Northversatile enough to win the BC Bike Race, just ask Kona Factory riders Barry Wicks.

Kona’s Hei Hei DL Trail uses 100 of Fuse Independent Suspension travel in the rear.

Горный (MTB) велосипед KONA Hei Hei 100 (2011)

Fuse offers riders a efficient and snappier feel by removing the pivot points the seatstay and chainstay.

Kona claims that pivot points increases lateral stiffness.

Горный (MTB) велосипед KONA Hei Hei 100 (2011)

Up front the Hei DL Trail uses a 120-millimeter-travel fork.
Kona Hei Hei 2-9 Mountain Bike Review By Jeff Barber on Apr2010 The 29er mountain bike platform has proven in the world of cross-country mountain bike racing and these days the bigger wheels are making their way deeper into all-mountain territory.

Горный (MTB) велосипед KONA Hei Hei 100 (2011)

Köp, leasa eller hyr din KONA HEI HEI MTB förmånscykel hos. Förmånsvärde från 83 kr/mån.

Горный (MTB) велосипед KONA Hei Hei 100 (2011)

Reviews, ratings, specifications, weight, price and more for the 2017 Kona Hei Hei Trail Bike Designed to go quick over rough terrain, in inclement conditions, driven by a committed engine youthe light and lively Scandium Hei Hei 100 is all good all the time.
A new frame design features a tapered steer tube and integrated headset, with smaller links, more standover, a shorter stem, a longer head tube, and an offset seatpost for a balanced riding position.
That's why you see versions of our 4-Bar linkage on everything from the Hei Hei XC Race bike to our DH Stab Supreme.
It's what allows the pivot to move freely.
When you have pivots that are close together, like in more complicated multi-pivot designs, the side-to-side movement in those pivots becomes amplified, what's called tolerance stacking.
Kona's 4-Bar system keeps pivots as far away from each other as possible, thus minimizing tolerance stacking.
Ultimately, it equates a stiffer rear end, as well a significant decrease in bearing and bushing wear.
Another benefit of our 4-Bar system is minimized side load on the rear shock.
Side load causes resistance, which negatively impacts suspension performance.
Side load also causes premature seal failures.
With our 4-Bar system the rear shock is protected from side-to-side forces.
As a result, we have a super low rate of shock problems, as well адрес a very responsive feel to the rear suspension.
For XC bikes, we can take an inherently progressive air shock and make the suspension more linear, allowing the rider to benefit from all of the travel.
For downhill bikes, like our Operators, an inherently linear coil shock can be set-up to be more progressive for big hits.
Whether it's taking the edge of a technical XC race course, the burl out of a backcountry all-day epic, or smoothing the brake bumps at your local bike park, our 4-Bar suspension designs deliver bomber plushness, ride in, ride out.
Kona Race Light Scandium Known to be такие Японская гравюра Хиросигэ Утагава - 100 видов Эдо, 75.

Район Канда, квартал красильщиков, 39x60 см, кто of the lightest and strongest alloys in the world, with superior ride characteristics, Kona Race Light Scandium основываясь на этих данных featured in many of our high-end bike models - from dual suspension mountain bikes through to some of our top ranking asphalt bikes.
Scandium is a potent grain refiner that when added to aluminum alloys, elevates the strength and durability of the material by 50%.
It accomplishes this by aligning the grains of the alloy, making the metal less susceptible to failure.
Kona Race Light Scandium alloy is twice as strong as 6061 or 7005 aluminum, allowing our engineers to use much less material.
Because of the material's strength, it can be butted thin enough to give the aluminum a more compliant ride similar to steel but without weight.
In more specific terms, we're shaving weight from our aluminum frames by 10-to-15%, without sacrificing strength and durability.
For 2011 you'll find Kona Race Light Scandium sprinkled throughout our entire line of bikes.
Most notably, our Abra Cadabra 100-160mm variable travel backcountry bike uses a Scandium frame, a testament to our commitment and faith in one of the world's most rigorous materials.
As a company, we've stayed true to this philosophy, going so far as to pioneer the design in road bikes before the benefits were understood.
Today, you'll find sloping top tubes in most high-end road race bicycles.
We've since stayed true to all the many positives this design brings to overall bike performance and comfort.
First, this design allows the top tube to be lower, providing more room for correct positioning and free body movement, enabling more standover clearance, which is particularly useful on dual suspension bikes that have higher bottom brackets.
Riders have a more secure riding position, which is especially beneficial when riding downhill sections.
Also, the top tube is longer and more compliant.
As the top and down tube become more parallel, there's less triangulation, resulting in compliancy.
So not only is the frame stronger and more responsive, but it absorbs more shock than frames with horizontal top tubes.
Compact Rear Triangle Short chain stays and seat stays provide a perfect balance of stability and power transfer when out of the saddle and pedaling hard.
Shorter seat stays also have less deflection during braking and accelerate quicker than longer stays.
посетить страницу shorter rear triangle also helps the bike to negotiate tight twisting sections of trail.
Hydroformed Tubing For 2011, you'll find formed tubing on a great number of our bicycles.
Hydroforming uses water specifically, but we also use Superplastic formed tubing, shaped using air, or cold formed tubing.
This not only allows a tube to be tuned for compliancy on specific planes but it also improves grain alignment and increases all mechanical properties.
Hydroforming is a tube shaping technology that uses super high-pressure liquid to form the shape of a tube and align its grain structure.
Quite simply, the technology delivers a sound structure and ride performance like no other tubing in the world.
The process results in a seamless, continuous, aligned of metal-right down to the fiber structure itself.
Hydroforming proves especially advantageous at weld points where it can be flared to increase weld areas, adding strength without adding weight in the form of extra gussets.
The result is a strong, flawless frame with great lateral stability, durability and responsiveness.
Not to mention, it looks real sharp too.
Internal Headset By having the headset bearing located inside the headtube what's sometimes called zero stackrather than the top and bottom, we are able to achieve a wide array of advantages when it comes to front end stiffness and overall riding performance.
With an internal headset, the head tube is able to take the stress directly, resulting in less play and less wear, with strong ride characteristics, and better bearing performance.
An internal headset also reduces stack height, enabling the height of the stem and bars to be more adjustable, the bike has more setup options, resulting in the best fit possible.
From our cyclocross bikes to our cross-country mountain bikes, right through to longer travel dual suspension models, like our Cadabras and CoilAirs, a tapered head tube provides more support at the intersection of the top tube and down tube.
The design also offers a more solid interface between forks with tapered steer tubes and the bicycle frame itself.
More girth at the bottom of the head tube better distributes shock force, prolonging the bearing life of the headset itself.
The design also allows for a stronger steering position and improved balance, giving the rider more control in rough terrain.
Asymmetrical Chain Stays When a rider puts force into the bicycles drivetrain cranks, chain and rear cassettenot only are they propelling the bike forward, they're also putting a significant amount of torsion on the rear chain stays.
Because the drivetrain is on one side of the bicycle, the frame wants to flex laterally.
It is the one element of bike design that's not in perfect balance.
Used primarily on our dual suspension mountain bikes, asymmetrical stays help to stiffen the rear end by compensating for the offset forces of this imbalance.
The drive-side stay is straight, while the non-drive takes advantage of no chain rings and chain, able to deal with the torque, effectively countering the torsional forces in the rear triangle.
By putting strength where it is needed, pedaling stiffness and rider efficiency is greatly increased.
Kona Sizing and Fit Sizing and fit have always been one of the main strengths of the Kona range, with more stock sizes available than any other bike company.
With our range of bicycles expanding significantly over the last couple of years, we felt it was time to overhaul our size scale.
We started with the overwhelming request for longer top tubes on our XC mountain bikes.
The average increase is ½-inch 15-20mmwhich we coupled with shorter stems and slightly shorter headset stack heights.
The steps between sizes were evened out to ½-inch or 1-inch increments, and there are still up to 7 sizes: from 14-inch перейти на страницу 22-inch on many models.
In the asphalt range, top tube lengths were marginally lengthened, with the size gaps revised to even 15 to 20mm steps.
There are still up to 6 sizes" from 46cm to 61cm on most models.
When it's called for, seat posts are either offset or straight to maximize the reach and power output of the rider.
More importantly, the overall sizing on mountain bikes and road bikes allow Kona dealers and riders to determine their fit more easily from model to model and category to category.
The net result is better fit on the entire range, with a simplified system that allows easy fine-tuning and a perfect marriage of bike and rider throughout our entire 2011 range.
Lifetime Warranty Kona warrants to the original owner that the frame of this new Kona bicycle purchased from an authorized Kona dealer shall be free of defective materials or workmanship for the lifetime of ownership by the original owner.
Carbon frames have a 5 year warranty.
During this warranty period, Kona shall repair or replace, at its sole option, the bicycle frame if Kona determines the frame is defective and subject to this limited warranty.
The original owner shall pay all labor and shipping charges connected with the repair or replacement of the bicycle frame.
Please see the Kona Owners manual provided with your bicycle for additional information.
Of course you don't just want to hear about how great we think our bikes are.
Get unbiased opinions, and read about our bikes in the real world, as magazine editors, writers and gear reviewers run our wares through the ringer.
Below is an up-to-date listing of all current web and print reviews.
Money well spent Kona's Paddy Wagon is hard to beat The Hei Hei 100 wins the Best Bike at £2100 Pure Simplicity A great feel and eagerness on the trail The Operator is.
Bang On A 29er test without Kona is unthinkable Lol voor je geld.
C'est un velo parfait pour s'amuser partout en France Fijne Fiets, die Ute!
An adaptable go-anywhere all-rounder that's both competent off-road and a sturdy option for touring or commuting.
There is no denying that the 2011 Abra Cadabra is a step in the right direction.
Dura prova quella della Abra Cadabra.
L'abbiamo messa sotto torchio nella gara di SuperEnduro di Finale Ligure e si è rivelata una bici molto equilibrata e divertente.
Ideale per il biker tecnico ed esigente It works well, especially on climbs The Abra Cadabra is a super neat way to get two bikes in one It's well worth a play and perhaps someday, all bikes will end up like this.
I'd certainly be happy with this bike in my quiver.
An adept technical climber and rewarding descender I'll offrira de belles qualites pour grimper et procurera des frissons dans le dos lors des descentes endeliables The Kona AfricaBikes are specifically designed to be light-weight, unbelievably durable, and easy to maintain.
Basically, the bikes built go wherever needed, including off-road through dirt, rocks and mud.
That's the Cadillac of bikes, young man!
The result is capable climbing and supple, bottomless descending Impressive spec and weight for the money We loved the smooth welds on the front end of the frame making it look much more expensive than the actual price tag, very classy.
We also loved the simple по этому адресу graphics and colours which co-ordinated well with the component parts.
The Kona is also the only bike we tested available in 1" increment sizes, allowing a more precise fit.
A flawless ride, no surprises good or bad, what you see is what you get.
The CoilAir is exceptionally stable and the suspension, damn near bottomless.
If you're looking to tackle seriously big and punishing terrain that requires some honest pedaling to the top, the CoilAir delivers.
A Special blend of all around ability and superb descending talent.
The result is capable climbing and supple, bottomless descending The ultimate flat bar commuter bike for discerning dedicated cyclists Smart looking, mountain bike-inspired and built to be bombproof The upright riding position is comfortable on your back and neck, and you have great visibility of traffic and other things that are going on around you.
Le cadre est vif et joueur.
Le poste de pilotage, vraiment très haut d'origine, accentue presque excessivement cette vivacité.
The Haole is a very well thought out bike,with a cracking frame, good wheels and a high level groupset backed up by sensible finishing kit The compact frame and small rear triangle keeping everything very tight and under control.
It's also sharp going up hills and surefooted descending.
Another of the pleasant surprises in this years test, and another reason to give steel a try A truly lightweight racer that performs well and provides loads of fun on the trails during climbing as well as descending An XC race bike that can also act as a solid all-arounder The four-bar linkage was efficient yet active on climbs and supple on descents An excellent bike overall.
It felt stiff, fast and predictable and is easily handled on all terrain.
Personally I think this is Kona's best offering yet in the 29'r category.
I've flogged the hell out of this bike, on trails that have a reputation for ruining machines, it is still running like a top.
With lightweight, hydroformed scandium tubing, race-ready geometry, and a solid XC component mix, this bike will let you rocket down the trail for hours on end.
Jake the Snake is the Bicycle Buyer's Choice for Best All Round Cyclocross Bike Even los, de Kahuna is en dijk van een fiets.
Degelijk, origeneel en met de moiste kleur.
Very light, very lively, very fast The bike is competitive against the new carbon 'crosser It's beautifully made le Kona One 20 est le vélo idéal pour une majorité de vététistes avides d'évasion et d'amusement.
It has great pickup on small chatter, and likewise the big hits disappear.
It's very plush in general.
Why not ride a fast, efficient bike that looks absolutely brilliant?
And that's just what Kona has given us.
Perhaps most importantly, it will last The Kona is the Ideal Bike for Doing Stuff You Want I grew so attached to my green Kona Sutra.
The 2010 Kona Sutra might be your ride The long wheelbase of the Kona UTE allows for a lot more carrying capacity.
Of all the bikes I've tested in my tenure.
Africą możesz dojeżdżać zarówno do pracy jak i po zakupy.
Świetnie nadaje się do jazdy w mieście The Bass was super fun to ride, with the short chain stays it showed us new lines on trails that we hadn't seen before.
Le velo excelle par sa tolerance et sa facilite sur les sauts, ideal pour les lignes rapides et engagees en bike park.
The Bass proved itself to be a very versatile bike £1000 gets you a lot of bike that will thrash the dirt jumps and stand up to slopestyle.
Inspires plenty of confidence when letting it all hang out.
RHYTHM CMG746NR06 as light as you'll find for this price Gute Enduro-Eigenschaften vanaf 2000 Euro koop een redelijke Enduro.
Wil je er meer mee klimmen en dus een lichtere bike dan zit je eerder in de 3000 Euro-klasse.
We found ourselves grinding up difficult climbs in search of descents that would push it to its limits we couldn't find any C'est une super bike d'enduro, hyper amusant a piloter grace a sa grande vivacite et maniabilite, et efficace grace a ses excellentes suspensions.
Le fonctionnement du Magic Link est imperceptible dans le feu de l'action.
The pedaling capabilities and variable geometry give the bike a broad range of use, but the CoilAir's true calling is bombing rugged downhill terrain Kona CoilAir Supreme 2009 — ein sehr vielseitiges Bike, welches durch das Magic Link System sein Potential sowohl beim Uphill als auch beim Downhill spürbar verbessert.
Mit dem Kona CoilAir Supreme bekommt der Käufer somit ein wirklich sehr vielseitiges Bike, das bergab mehr Reserven bietet, ohne bergauf langsamer zu werden, zumindest bei einem runden Tritt.
Very soft and grippy with excellent extra length this is a not a bike to be handled gently, it likes to be grabbed by the scruff of its neck and hauled into place — and then whoops down like a two-wheeled armchairsoaking up everything in its path.
Le nuovo Dawg 2009 sono gia arrivate nei punti vendita kona, pensando di fare cosa gradita agli appassionati abbiamo approfittato della disponibilita di una Dawg Supreme per realizzare il nostro test in anteprema Le velo colle parfaitement au programme, a l'aise sur les terrains technique, autant en montee qu'en descente, ou il se montre aussi ludique qu'efficace.
Un all-mountain tres reussi, pour les adeptes des sorties musclees en montagne.
Bella bike, leggera e divertente.
Ottima per un uso Back Country e All Mountain anche esasperato!!
A bike that feels right from the off and let's you just get on with the business of thrashing it.
Every Kona I've ridden has just plain worked and worked well.
Siamo infatti a quota 12.
It's happy on hard, fast descents and can handle moderate abuse too.
Warum Kona und Nicht-Kona-Fahrer einen Blick auf Maybe this should be called the Woo Hoo 2-9 because this bike is a complete hoot on the trails WAT EEN MOOI FRAME!
An ultralight bike that delivers tight, sting-reducing speed with bags of potential for upgrading Cool, retro ride for those happy to sit back and chill Kona Humu 2009 - Woher kommt der Монитор Acer X223HQBbd und was das Bike sonst noch kann.
A phenomenally committed climbing and race bike that's impressive on descents too.
A phenomenally committed climbing and race bike that's impressive on descents too Out of the box the ride feel is sweet.
I was pleasantly surprised to find this bike felt instantly familiar and comfortable.
Every tester who rode this bike — from novice to experienced triathlete — felt immediately confident in the ride position The Kona Lisa is a solid investment and holds its own at this pricepoint.
Whether you race cyclocross or just want to take to the woods without having to lug a heavy old clunker mountain bike, Kona's Major Jake is a good choice We think the bike is a steal-and an ideal platform for customization The Minxy is a solid purchase for a girl wanting to push her limits on a predictable and ссылка на страницу bike.
Le velo se tourne vers une pratique sportive plus XC que rando, dont la position allongee est parfaite pour rouler vite sur le plat et en montee.
Kona's Paddy Wagon manages to stand out with a bold look which is backed up by a decent frame and competent handling C'est une arme en competition, dote de suspensions efficaces et concu pour rouler vite.
Il est plus taille pour les parcours rapides que pour les parcours lents et techniques.
Il est fait pour les riders qui recherchent источник статьи velo tres stable et tres bien suspendu.
Stinky Air è una delle novità "forti" della gamma Kona 2009.
Ce cadre est excellent, avec une bonne geometrie et au comportement tres joueur, ideal pour les riders voulant un velo de freeride pas trop lourd.
Con oltre 10 anni di carriera alla spalle la canadese Stinky rappresenta l'icona delle Mountain Bike da freeride.
Una bici che ha saputo adeguarsi alla esigenze di un https://greenl66.ru/100/zazhim-klemmniy-prohodnoy-dkc-zhd410-ret.html in continu Kona's Supreme mesh-paneled glove provides maximum airflow along with all the characteristics that make a great glove.
The bike rolls comfortably on long cruises, and is nimble enough for the stop-and-go of the city It handles bumps well considering it's fully rigid, can accelerate, climbs https://greenl66.ru/100/kraskopult-pnevmaticheskiy-eco-sg-97h14.html a champ and carries momentum over obstacles.
A brilliant do-anything bike Kona is getting involved early, bringing more legitimacy and a worldwide dealer market to the cause.
This is my favorite, and I've ridden more than a few cargo bikes over the last six years or so.
Kona's Ute is as elegant as a utility bicycle can be Has armchair ergonomics and can carry tons of awkwardly shaped stuff in an eccentric style The Kona Ute is a blast to ride, and makes a great urban bike a bike like the Ute can replace your dependency on having to jump in a car to make the haul I've only yet begun to use the Ute жмите сюда its full potential, but I was pretty pleased with this particular cargo.
It was by no means a heavy load, but the awkwardness of it probably would've made me drive if I didn't have the cargo bike.
The Doctor is at it again.
This time he pounds the pavement and trails in search of old Konas that have очень Терморегуляторы Терморегуляторы TRLS241GGO LS 990 Золото Термостат комнатный, 10(4)А, 24В, НЗ-контак присоединяюсь the test of time.
In this case, the wheels are 29-inches in diameter.
Standard wheels sizes on mountain bikes are typically 26-inches.
There is much debate as to which standard is better, but with all the pluses and negatives, we find it меня Лабораторные весы CAS CUX-820S так down to preference.
These bikes are generally either full suspension with 3 to 4 inches of travel, or hardtails, and have, typically, very strong frames.
AfricaBike The bicycle regarded the most important one ever made by Kona.
All AfricaBikes sold directly to consumers fund the production of bikes donated to African healthcare workers and programs to fight disease and improve the quality of life in developing countries.
For every two AfricaBikes sold, Kona donates one complete bicycle to charities of our choice.
Air Sprung Shock A suspension shock that is sprung using compressed air.
Suspension characteristics like rebound how fast the shock rebounds from being compressed and compression how fast the shock compresses also use air along with oil.
All-Mountain aka Backcountry An all-mountain bike is a mountain bike built to excel at virtually any type of riding condition a mountain biker might encounter.
Kona All-Mountain bikes have between 140mm to 150mm of travel.
These bikes are designed to climb extremely well, while still being effectively set up and strong enough to descend well also.
Aluminum Aluminum is one of the most widely used tubing materials in the bicycle industry.
The material is mixed продолжить other elements creating alloys with different ride characteristics and properties.
Kona uses перейти 7005 aluminum extensively throughout its range of bicycles as well as Scandium, another aluminum alloy that is extremely strong and light.
Asphalt The term used at Kona to describe all types of city, commuting and getting around types of riding and the bicycles for those applications.
Not to be confused with street riding.
Backcountry aka All-Mountain An all-mountain bike is a mountain bike built to excel at virtually any type of riding condition a mountain biker might encounter on a ride.
Kona All-Mountain bikes have between 140mm to 150mm of travel.
These bikes are designed to climb extremely well, while still being effectively set up and strong enough to descend well also.
Bash Guard Chainring Guard A ring that is bolted to the chainrings that acts protect that chain from obstables one might encounter in more aggressive types of riding, or also just to protect clothing from being sullied or entagled between the chainrings and chain.
BB Bottom Bracket Height The bottom bracket is the part of a bicycle's frame around which the cranks and pedals revolve though an assembly of bearings and the axle.
The читать далее of the bottom braket affects obstable clearance, but also affects pedal clearance in cornering and some of the bike's overall handling abilities.
Bike Platform At Kona our groupings or families of bikes are termed Platforms.
One platform differs from the other by the application the bikes are meant for.
Backcountry and Asphalt are examples of Kona bicycle platforms.
Butted Tube Butting A term used to refer to both bicycle frame tubing and wheel spokes.
Butted tubes or spokes are thicker at the ends and thinner in the middle.
Bicycle frame tubes are typically internally butted, meaning the outer diameter remains the same while the inner diameter is reduced towards the https://greenl66.ru/100/usiliteli-moshnosti-i-mnogokanalnie-jbl-csa1300z.html of the tube, making the ends stronger where the forces and stresses are the most severe and the center lighter where the forces are less severe.
Carbon Fiber Carbon filaments used with a resin, in a technology similar to fibreglass.
The resulting composite material is very strong in the direction that the fibers run in.
A more sophisticated approach is to lay up the carbon fiber cloth in a specific shape, in a mould the shape of the finished bicycle.
This allows the orientation of the fibers to provide strength in the direction of the actual stress.
Cassette A cluster of chainrings or sprockets on the rear wheel hub of a посмотреть больше />Chainguide A guide used surrounding the crank's chainrings to keep the chain from skipping off of the chainrings.
These are typically used in Downhill, Dirt Jump and Freeride applications where the chain is subject to more bumps and hits that could otherwise derail the chain.
Chainstays The tubes on a bicycle's frame between the rear wheel's hub dropouts and the bottom bracket.
Chromoly A steel alloy made with the adddition of Chromium and molybdenum.
Clydesdale Clydesdale is a term used at races and in cycling terminology to define the class of larger riders, typically over 235lbs.
Coil Sprung Shock A suspension shock that is sprung with a spring.
Commuter A bike used for commuting or getting to and from wherever one might need to go.
Also used to describe the type of person to ride said bikes.
Kona produces a wide range of bikes that are excellent for commuting, most of which found in our Asphalt line of bikes.
Competition Bikes Also known as race bikes, these bikes have the best components, frames and builds for the ultimate in competition riding.
Components Components are the parts on a bicycle such as the bar, stem, продолжить, drivetrain, etc.
A bicycle frame also consits of parts like the top tube, down tube, seat tube, dropouts, bottom bracket, etc.
Compression Dampening This controls the rate at which a shock compresses.
Cross-country Race XC Race Cross-country is one type of off-road racing or competition cycling where the ideal bikes are typically light and built specifically for speed.
Kona manufactures several hardtail and full-suspension bicycles made specifically for this type of racing.
Cyclocross Cyclocross is a type of off-road racing that is typically muddy and filled with obstacles that force the riders to dismount and shoulder their bikes and running several times per lap.
Cyclocross bikes resemble road bikes, but have custom geometries and parts specific to the rigours of this type of racing.
The system also offers the ability to fit several rear types and читать in the frame during wheel removal.
Derailleur The device used to change gears by moving the chain up and down on the sprockets.
Front derailleurs move the chain up and посетить страницу источник the front chainrings and the rear derailleur does the same on the rear wheel's cassette or cluster of sprockets.
Derailleur Hanger The part of the frame to which the rear derailleur is bolted to.
This piece is described as the derailleur hanger only when this part is separate and replaceable on the frame, otherwise, when this piece is solid and built into the frame, it is referred to as a dropout.
Dirt Jump A Kona bicycle platform as well as the name of the application for the bikes in this platform.
Dirt Jump refers to jumping bikes on take-offs and landings made of, you guessed it, dirt.
Disc Brakes Brakes that use a metal disc and a cable or hydraulically actuated caliper containing brake pads to squeeze the disc and stop the wheel from rotating.
Disc brakes are known to be extremely powerful and effective in all sorts of riding conditions, wet or dry.
Downhill Race DH Race A type of competition racing where the courses are typified by fast, steep descents, often with many obstacles.
Kona downhill race bikes like Stab Deluxe and Stab Supreme feature 8-inches of front and rear wheel travel, large diameter disc brakes and strong components for this fast and abusive type of riding.
Drivetrain The parts of a bicycle responsible for its forward propulsion and gear selection.
The parts in the drivetrain include cranks, chainrings, chain, cassette, and front and rear derailleurs.
Dropout Parts at the rearend of a bike frame that are designed to hold the rear wheel's hub.
Bicycle forks also have dropouts to hold the front wheel hub.
Dual Suspension A bicycle with suspension shocks and wheel travel on both the front and rear wheels.
Enduro A type of riding very much like all-mountain or backcountry where the bike and rider are meant to "endure" all types of riding conditions.
Enduro bikes typically have 140mm of wheel travel or more.
The rear sprocket is "fixed" to the rear hub and all pedalling, whether forward or backward, results in the rear wheel moving.
This type of bike was formerly used for track style Велоэргометр BH FITNESS H692 Onyx riding, but has since diversified to include city riding and commuting applications.
Floating Caliper Rear Brake A rear disc brake where the caliper, which contains the brake pads and squeezes the disc brake to stop the wheel from turning, is not fixed to the frame, but instead "floats" on a structure separate to the frame in order to keep the braking forces from affecting or actuating rear suspension.
Forged A process used to form metal parts that involves heat and pressure to align the grain structure in a material.
Forged parts are known to be strong and durable.
Front Triangle The front part of a bicycle that contains the head tube, top tube, down tube and seat tube.
Geometry The geometric angles in which a bicycle frame's tubes are welded together.
The geometry of a bicycle effects it's handling and ride characteristics.
Gusset A recinforcing piece of material welded to a high stress area or areas of a frame.
Hardtail A bicycle with front suspension only.
The term comes from motorcycles with no rear suspension that were referred to as hardtails.
Head Tube Angle The angle at which the head tube front most tube of a bicycle frame is aligned.
Typically slacker head tube angles are used on bikes meant for high speed and steep terrain, whereas steep head tube angles are meant for flatter terrain and better lower speed handling.
Hydroformed A frame tube forming technology where a liquid is used to form the shape of a tube very much like a forging, but using high pressure liquid, as opposed to heat and pressure, to form the material and align перейти на страницу grain structure.
Integrated Headset A headset type in which the top and bottom cartridge bearings are pressed directly into the head tube of the жмите сюда />Integrated headsets have the advantage of a lower stack height, since the bearings are contained inside the frame, as opposed to a standard headset, which has cups pressed into страница frame, with the bearings resting in those cups, above and below the head tube.
Internal Headset A headset type where the cups are pressed into an oversized head tube, and the bearings rest in those cups.
The bearings are not visible and the low stack height is maintained.
Kevlar Kevlar is a material used in all sorts of industrial applications, but most often in bicycles as the bead material in tires.
The bead is the part of the tire that hooks onto the rim.
Kevlar beads are often referred to as "folding" beads because unlike conventional wire beads, Kevlar can fold without affecting the integrity of the bead.
Kevlar is used mainly in this application for its weight savings.
Klunker Klunker is the name that was given to the first generation of mountain bikes.
These bikes, born продолжить Marin County, California, were typically a hodge-podge of motorcycle and road bike parts used for the puspose of riding off-road.
Leverage Ratio The ratio of rear wheel travel compared actual travel of the shock itself.
Linear Suspension A type of suspension set-up where the force required to compress the shock is the same from the start of the shock stroke through to the end.
Lugged A type of bicycle frame where the main tubes' male parts are welded into lugs which act as female parts at the head tube, seat tube and bottom bracket intersections.
Machined Https://greenl66.ru/100/pruzhini-plastikovie-dlya-perepleta-gbc-40282184401974-komplekt-100-sht-14-mm-na-96-125-l-krasni.html type of construction incorporating a computer programmed machine tool to automatically remove material and shape bicycle and frame components.
Magnesium Magnesium is an element on the Periodic Table.
In the case of bicycles, magnesium is used in applications where stiffness and lightweight are required.
In the case of Kona bicycles, many rear suspension rocker plates are made of magnesium for improved suspension perfomance, efficiency and />Mountain Bike Bicycles designed specifically for use off-road.
North Shore A region on the Pacific west coast of British Columbia known for pioneering the freeride movement due to its steep terrain, gnarly roots, rocks and muddy, slippery conditions.
Offset Also referred to as rake, the offset of a fork is the distance the fork dropouts are placed forward of the steering axis.
Out-of-Bounds A узнать больше здесь used at Kona that refers to all sorts of extreme biking applications, synomymous with Freeride.
Pannier Racks Racks fixed to a bicycle frame used to carry bags and cargo.
Panniers The type of bags used with pannnier racks, typically on bicycles designed for long distance touring like the Kona Sutra.
Pedaltarian A melding of people who care about pedals and human beings.
A Pedaltarian is a person working to improve the world and the state of mankind through cycling.
At Kona, we are all Pedaltarians.
Post-Mount A type of disc brake mount where the caliper, or the caliper's adaptor, depending on disc rotor size, is mounted to two posts on the frame or fork.
Preload The initial force placed on a shock spring.
Progressive Suspension A type of suspension where the amount of force required to move a shock from the beginning of its travel through to the end of it's travel becomes progressively greater as the shock compresses.
Pump Track A type of bike racing or training course where no pedalling is allowed.
The cyclist pumps the transitions and corners to propel the bike throughout the course after an initial ramped start.
Purpose-Built A term used at Kona to describe our method of building bikes for very specific pusposes such as dirt jumping, commuting, carrying large loads, touring, racing of all sorts, etc.
Race Light Kona's line of ultra light race components and frame materials.
Rebound Dampening Rebound dampening controls the rate at which the shock will extend.
Rear Triangle The rear triangle is the triangle formed on the rear end of the bike consisting of the chainstays, seatstays and seat tube.
Rim Brakes A type of brake where the brake pads squeezes the wheel rim in order to stop them from spinning.
Road At Kona we refer to road bikes typically as those with drop bars and skinny tires that are meant solely for on-road applications.
Rockers Rockers, rocker arms or rocker plates are parts in a Kona frame's suspension system that interface between the seatstays and the shock, literally rocking upward in the rear triangle as the rear wheel moves in the suspension travel, downward in the front triangle as the shock gets compressed.
Scandium Scandium is an element on the Periodic Table that is added to aluminum to create ultra light alloys which exhibit the best ride quality characteristics, strength and stiffness.
The material is used extensively in the construction of many Kona bicycle frames.
Seat Ссылка на страницу Anglev The angle at which the seat tube of the bike is aligned.
Seatstays The tubes in a bicycle frame that join the rear to the seat tube, or in the case of Kona 4-Bar suspension models, the dropouts through to the rockers at the rocker yoke.
Shock Sag The amount the shock compresses with a rider sitting on bike in a normal riding position.
Sag should usually be 15% to 25% of total shock travel.
Cross-country: 15% to 25% suggested, Downhill 25% suggested.
Shock Travel The total amount the shock compresses.
greenworks 2502007UB GC82LM51K5 A bicycle with only one speed or gear.
Singletrack A type of trail where the path is only wide enough for one bike.
Slopestyle A downhill stunt obstacle course where riders choose their lines down the course, picking which stunts to ride.
Specs The specs are the list of bicycle components or specific parts for any given bicycle.
Spring Rate The amount of force required to compress a spring one inch.
Standover Height The amount of space between a rider's inseam and the top tube of the bicycle frame.
Steel A type of material used in bicycle frame and component manufacturing.
Steel is extremely resilient and comfortable to ride.
It is also the most widely used material worldwide for bicycle construction, mainly because it repairs very easily.
Steer Tube The steerer, or steer tube is the upper part of a bicycle fork, to which the handlebar stem and the turning parts of the headset attach.
Street Riding on city streets, obstacles, skate parks and city terrain.
Time A type of racing where riders race solo or in teams and are timed over a set course, the winner being the rider or team to complete the course the fastest.
Top Tube Length The length of the tube that runs from the seat tube to the head tube on a bicycle frame.
Different sizes of bikes have different top tube lengths to accommodate different sizes of riders Touring A type of long distance cycling that typically involves packed gear and supplies on pannier racks.
Trail A type of off-road riding typified by terrain consisting of trails of different varieties.
Trail is often used syonymously with cross-country.
Travel Suspension Travel The shock absorbing movement of the front or rear wheel of a bicycle in reaction to the terrain being ridden.
Triathlon A type of race where athletes first swim, then bike, then run.
Utility Bike The bicycle equivalent of a Sport Utility Vehicle, one capable of all sorts of useful tasks like transporting oddly shaped cargo, extra passengers or anything else you can imagine.
Women-Specific Women-specific bikes are designed with the needs of women in mind.
Things like smaller diameter grips to fit smaller hands, specially shaped saddles to fit a woman's sit bones, handlebar widths and shapes to fit a woman's reach and frames designed to better fit a woman's body proportions are all cutomised on a women-specific bicycle.
Yolk A bridge that, on Kona bikes, is typically forged and helps reinforce a juncture of tubes for added torsional strength and stiffness.
Many Kona hardtails employ a chainstay yoke where the chainstays meet the seat tube.
This helps keep the rear triangle of the bike torsionally stiff, ensuring that pedalling energy goes directly into propelling the bike and no energy is wasted twisting the frame.
Yokes are also used on Kona bikes where the seatstays meet the rockers.
In this case, the yoke is meant to transfer forces from the seatstays to the rocker and into the rear shock, ensuring that all bump forces are transferred directly to avoid being relayed elsewhere in the frame.

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