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Геймпад IPEGA PG-9087

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Геймпад IPEGA PG-9087

беспроводной геймпад для ПК, Android, iOS;2 мини-джойстика, крестовина



Jul 4.0, 2018 · На 4.0 игрокам компания iPega выпустила игровой контроллер PG-9087, он телескопический и поддерживает до 6.2.
Ipega Black Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller Joystick 4.0 iPhone, iPad, Android.Supports vast majority of big games and simulator games With telescopic stand, mobile phones and tablets 4.0 be placed in the bracket (support 5-10 inch devices).Complete with a friendly 4.0, you do not need to install any drivers to start using it.Bluetooth посмотреть еще wireless transmission can support 6-8.

Геймпад IPEGA PG-9087

Review: The ipega Telescoping Controller PG-9023 I recently purchased the ipega PG-9023 and thought it would be a 4.0 idea to review it after I spent some time with it, as the "best controller" question comes up a lot here.

Buy IPEGA PG 9025 Bluetooth Wireless Game Pad Joystick Game Controller, 4.0 ends 4.0.

Геймпад IPEGA PG-9087

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iPega PG - 9076 Bluetooth Gamepad with Bracket 2.4G Wireless 4.0 Description: iPega 9076 Bluetooth Gamepad is a wireless game controller which can be used in 4.0 different platforms such as Android smart phones / tablet / smart TV / TV box and other equipment.

Геймпад IPEGA PG-9087

iPega Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Game Controller 4.0 - Page 86. Okay 4.0 bought this controller, but this is really confusing, its my first controller so dunno anything.

Геймпад IPEGA PG-9087

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Геймпад IPEGA PG-9087

Китайський інтернет-магазин AliExpress відзначає свій дев'ятий день народження і вирішив відсвяткувати цю дату разом із покупцями, оголосивши про знижки.

Додатково: Совместимые платформы: PC, PS4, Xbox One; Рычаг переключения 6 передач с задней передачей нажимного типа, разработан для рулей G29/G920 Driving Force Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser.
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I recently purchased the ipega PG-9023 and thought it would be a good idea to review it after I spent some time with it, as the "best controller" question comes up a lot here.
I won't speculate if this is the "best" controller, as individual circumstances differ, but it is a good controller.
The way it wraps your device is quite nice as well, but I'll get into that.
Firstly, here's some images of the device: I tried to get several angles to give an idea of how the triggers, buttons, and extension look.
Keyboard provided in two pictures for scale sorry, didn't DVD-плеер GoldStar DV-6320 any bananas.
Apologies for some of the quality, I had a hard time getting clear pictures as my apartment's lighting is читать полностью dim.
Flash was used, hence my glowing pastiness.
Construction The PG-9023 has excellent build quality.
It is light but feels very sturdy.
Buttons feel good, though there's a bit of incongruency.
This is more of a personal issue from having used so many controllers, it feels like several different controllers at once, which I'll break down below.
The extender portion on the right side is secure, doesn't wiggle or feel loose.
It has a locking mechanism so you can set the extension and keep it there.
On the left side, there's a sort of spring mechanism, where you can 4.0 it another 3 inches or so and have it pull back, which is nice.
This "spring extender" is what keeps your phone or tablet in place, keeping minor tension on it.
I have fit my phone LG Volt, 4.
Those with phones smaller than 4.
The phone is held securely, and I've even flipped it upside down and shaken it roughly to see if the phone would fall out, it does not.
The controller seems to be designed with the standard corner headphone jack in mind, mine fits barely, and doesn't obstruct the case from locking on the phone.
One caveat is that placing your phone in the device vertically for games that require it or for DraStic DS emulation, for example may pose an issue.
I'm still trying to work out a method of placing spacers on the sides, maybe rubber erasers, as a way to hold the phone vertically.
Horizontally will be what you'd use for most games though, and works fine.
Sticks: Grip and concave feels like XBox 360's, but stick movement has the looser feel 4.0 the PS3 controller, rather than the springy feel of the 360.
Clicking the sticks for L3 and R3 press gives solid feedback.
My only complaints are that the deadzone is a bit large, and has high sensitivity outside of this zone, and the placement of the right stick is a bit odd.
If you check the pictures above, you can see it's directly above the face buttons.
Face buttons and triggers: Quite nice actually.
Convex and hard, a bit like the feel of a Microsoft controller, but with 4.0 nice, slightly mushy feeling when pressing you get from a Sony controller.
Triggers feel a bit like PS3 buttons as well, though the L2 and R2 buttons feel better to me, and with littler pressure needed and good response.
The читать статью face buttons start, select, and the system buttons are very hard and clicky.
I'm not a fan, but fortunately these buttons won't see a lot of use.
They get the job done well enough, and will be good enough to remap for functions like save states or setting fast Удлинитель настольный 3 розетки GTV 2xUSB нижнего розетки без AE-PBC3GS2U-53BKS Выдвижные (Schucko) in games.
There are also volume controls on the face and they work fine.
D-Pad: This is what often makes or breaks a 3rd party controller, and I'd say they did a good job.
The d-pad feels like a Nindendo one, maybe similar to 4.0 on the Nintendo DS or Gameboy Advance.
It is a bit stiff, though I assume that's because it's new and hasn't been broken in yet, I've only spent a few hours with the device.
I've tested some action titles particularly Mega Man X and Super Castlevania 4 with good response on the pad.
Software and documentation: In a word: atrocious.
Here's where this controller nearly failed me, and had me about to ship it back to Amazon.
The documentation is poorly translated, links to software that does not 4.0, and even has absolutely incorrect information in it.
The software they prompt you to download is terrible, and searching for other ipega software to work with the device led me down a rabbit hole of questionable software and excessive permissions okay, 4.0, you don't need access to my contacts, and wtf, google wallet???
Suffice to say, you should throw out the instructions, do not install the 4.0 software.
In good news, you don't need it.
To map the controller natively in Android, all you need to do is press home to start it syncing, then hold home and X at time to set it to Android Keyboard mode.
It will work like a native device and be recognized as "ipega Extending Game Controller.
Input Lag and latency: This is another thing that kills Android controllers, and specifically bluetooth ones.
In good news, I've not encountered much in the way of noticeable lag.
When I first set it up, it did lag badly.
Mega Man X was almost unplayable due to the delay, and in testing on Punch Out!!
However, after disconnecting it, changing the mode, and then changing it back, it reconnected and the input lag vanished, and it's been fully usable ever since.
I wonder if it was the 4.0 I originally tried, or if I initially configured it in the wrong mode.
The controller has been working fine with zero noticeable lag, and the previous issues MMX and Punch Out quick dodging were fully fine after the mode change and reconnect.
All told, some initial hiccups, but it's great now.
Compatibility: As I said, I've tested this on several emulators.
Most autodetected fine, then just needed the buttons mapped.
Surprisingly, PPSSPP detected the controller and mapped the correct buttons automatically, with zero configuration.
It even mapped L2 and R2 to alternative mode speed and manual fast-forward toggle automatically since the buttons were otherwise unused.
I'm not sure if the right stick is working in ePSXe.
I was able to map the sticks for analog use in ePSXe and FPse, and could map them as buttons in other emulators, but games I tried didn't actually seem to use the right stick for anything, so I couldn't test.
If anyone knows and PSX titles that actually use both sticks I'm all ears.
Other than that though, everything works fine.
That's it for the review.
If anyone has any specific questions, feel free to ask in the comments.
I won't actually grade this, as that's pretty subjective, but I'll say I like the controller, and can see myself using it for some time.
When the phone's продолжить чтение it, it's kind of like having an oversized PSP or something, kind of a neat feel.
Old thread but just want to say thanks for this review.
Ended up getting this controller for my 8" tablet and it works great.
I had rigged up a universal gameklip to my tablet but it was just soo much weight hanging off it and uncomfortable.
This is a lot more sturdy even if having my hands so far apart took a bit of getting used to.
It's still on the heavy side with an 8" tablet and controller but i can kind of rest it down in my lap while playing and it's good enough for a few hours of gaming.
Controller itself works great.
Lag is barely noticeable over bluetooth while in gamepad mode.
HAH, I just got this controller, and did a search on reddit for it, and found this post.
Your detailed 4.0 on the amazon site helped sell me on it.
I am really impressed with it!!
With my N7 inserted into it, it looks and feels like a giant dedicated gaming pad!
Drastic in portrait mode doesn't secure the tablet very well, as you mentioned, but if you are holding it in your lap, its not gonna flop around.
This pad works great with my 5 inch htc m8 as well.
Damn, there are some Chinese-made gems out there on amazon if you look for them.
I wanted something that would HOLD my n7 and this does the job amazingly.
Re: mapping the controller natively in Android, when I connect it shows up with a keyboard icon in Android bluetooth settings.
Is that what you mean by native?
Or is there a separate controller icon that's possible?
Everything works great, but I can't tell if I'm doing the native bit right.
The controller seems to be designed with the standard corner headphone jack in mind, 4.0 fits barely, and doesn't obstruct the case from locking on the phone.
I take it your headphone jack is in the upper left corner of the phone?
Mine happens to be in the upper right, so I don't see how I would be able to use headphones with it.
For that reason I opted for the PG-9025, which seems to perform pretty similarly but mounts below the phone instead.
I considered the PG-9025 before buying this, but opted against it, partly because it seems very small, and partly because it looks like it only has one set of top buttons L and Rso wouldn't work out for PSX titles.
Can you confirm if this is 4.0 case?
I couldn't find a top-down picture of that device.
Given that it's running horizontally though, you should be able to just flip it the other way, so your jack is coming out of the bottom right instead of the left, landscape rotation should allow it to work that way.
Alternatively, if your headphone adapter is the typical variety 90 degree flatI can't see it being a problem to just lock the pad over it instead.
Another option would be to just sit your phone higher in нажмите чтобы прочитать больше device and let your jack stick out of the top.
The back pad has good grip texture, and it should still lock in tightly; the little flip out piece on the bottom isn't necessary except for holding larger, heavier tablets.
DISCLAIMER: I only tested this controller with emulation, I do not currently have any controller enabled Android games on my phone.
Do you own any, or do you need some 4.0 />Madfinger has 4.0 freebies that have controller support eg: Dead Trigger, Shadowgun: Deadzone.
From my reading the X+Home combo should set it to standard HID gamepad mode which is what you want.
I think Home+B sets toHID gamepad mode, but don't quote me on that.
The instructions are definitely incorrect.
I found the correct instructions deep down somewhere in Amazon Answers while I was searching for the solution for the software issue.
For the gamepad support I was considering trying Gun Bros again.
Honestly, I don't have any interest in games like Dead Trigger and other shooters.
I'd try GTA: San Andreas, but my phone doesn't have enough space for it.
Wow, thanks for this!
I was thinking about picking up an extra Moga Hero for use at home, but this actually looks like it might work better for my needs AND it's cheaper.
I love the Hero, it's nice and portable and has all the buttons I'd ever need.
But the fact that this would hold my Nexus 7 means I'm more likely to use it when I don't have a flat surface to set my tablet on.
I love the Hero, it's nice and portable and has all the buttons I'd ever need.
Yeah, I skipped the Moga because the flip out latch seemed a bit sketchy to me, I wasn't comfortable with the design.
I'm digging this controller for general use, though given 4.0 size, I'm considering getting an ipega PG-9025 for use on the bus where I'm sometimes more space limited.
Still though, I love the feeling of по этой ссылке something akin to a Super PSP when I travel feeling enhanced by the fact that I'm currently playing Star Ocean: Second Evolution with it games I tried didn't actually seem to use the right stick for anything, so I couldn't test.
Try Ape Escape, I think it was one of the first games to use dual sticks as more than just gimmicks.
Thank you for this!
I just received mine and was about to throw it in the trash.
I figured out to get it synced but I had to compromise and use the awful Chinese gamepad keyboard.
I'll try your syncing tip tomorrow!
Yeah, skip the software.
Turn on bluetooth on your phone, and on the controller hold X, then press home.
It will blink really fast.
Then search for devices on your phone and it should detect it as a native Android gamepad.
It's a little confusing.
I thought you had to hit home, then hold X and home, but you actually hold X while it's off, then press home while holding X to set it to the gamepad mode.
Hope this helps you.
Well, I've never tapped it out honestly.
I play on the bus for about 1.
I charge it about twice a week, just because I have micro USB chargers plugged in freaking everywhere in my apartment.
I haven't had any battery читать статью issues, it seems to hold a charge fine, and has never run out of juice while I was using it.
Hard to say though, имеется Накопительный электрический водонагреватель Ariston Ti Tech Square Ti 100 QB EE удовольствием I'm only burning about 5 or 6 hours of battery life before charging it.
It's very possible it would last much longer and probably in fact, as it's generally fully charged in 20-30 minutes tops, so I don't think I'm really draining it much.
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Геймпад IPEGA PG-9087

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