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Электрогитара Gibson SG 70s Tribute

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Электрогитара Gibson SG 70s Tribute

электрогитара c 6 струнами;фиксированный бридж Tune-o-Matic;24 лада, мензура 24.75;вклеенный гриф;корпус: красное дерево


USED/Gibson SG 70’s TRIBUTE@guitarshoptantan

2012 SG Special 70s tribute threads | greenl66.ru

The Gibson SG '70s Tribute Guitar celebrates a great guitar from the past. It features pickups that have a new magnet and pole piece.

Электрогитара Gibson SG 70s Tribute

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The '70s Tribute may hark to the SG's past, but it's been brought bang up-to-date with Gibson's Min-ETune system - the firm's latest take mechanical self- tuning for electric and acoustic https://greenl66.ru/100/ex-nihilo-french-affair-parfyumernaya-voda-100-ml-tester.html.

Электрогитара Gibson SG 70s Tribute

"The Min-ETune a really big step forward for automatic guitar tuning"
Satin Vintage Sunburst DG Special '70s Tribute a model from the newly line of '70s Tribute guitars and basses. Other models from this include Les Paul Studio '70s Tribute, Firebird Studio '70s Tribute and Grabber Читать далее '70s Tribute.

Электрогитара Gibson SG 70s Tribute

Oct 03, 2012 To capture the больше информации, feel and tone of the instruments that made massive music a decade when rock was king, Gibson USA introduces the SG Special ’70s Tribute, part a series that also.

The Gibson SG Special '70s Tribute Electric Guitar celebrates a great guitar from the past.

Электрогитара Gibson SG 70s Tribute

It features pickups that have a new and pole piece configuration with dual steel blades and a single Alnico V. This more efficient makes for improved output at less expense.
Overall: This 70's Tribute SG was very well made.

Gibson Les Paul '70s Tribute Electric Guitar Demo - Sweetwater Sound

selection of wood and the rosewood fingerboard is nice thick slab with great grain! Intonation is excellent, the Dirty Fingers humbuckers are KILLER, and the gloss finish is a nice step up from the faded and J series versions.

Электрогитара Gibson SG 70s Tribute

Its a nice lightweight, yet sturdy SG!
Gibson 2013 SG Tribute '70s Electric The 2013 SG ™70s Tribute captures the look, feel, and tone of a heavy sounding evolution of this legendary double-cutaway solidbody, SG of the 19.


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May 31, 2015 · The Guitar in Tampa had a nice Gibson Les 70’s Tribute for $769, but it was too expensive for me.

Электрогитара Gibson SG 70s Tribute

However, when they decided to knock it down to $569, jumped on it. Yes, I’ve exceeded my $500 limit on guitars, but not by much. And you often get to buy a Gibson Les Paul $569.

Электрогитара Gibson SG 70s Tribute

Did I just hear some eye-rolling? /> I've got the G.A.S.

Musician's Friend: Musical Instruments Store

really bad right now. I've had my eye on the Gibson SG special 70s tribute since last year, and have been the prices come down and the remaining disappear.

Электрогитара Gibson SG 70s Tribute

I've seen some used ones fairly cheap, but may pull the trigger on a new one soon if I can combine a price drop with a discount coupon.

Aug 30, 2013 · Gabriel from Gibson demonstrates SG '70s electric guitar.

Электрогитара Gibson SG 70s Tribute

Enjoy the demo, then click the link above for more info! I've got the G.
I've had my eye on the Gibson SG special 70s tribute since last year, and have been watching the prices come down and the remaining stocks disappear.
I've seen some used ones fairly cheap, but may pull the trigger on a new one soon if I can combine a price drop with a discount coupon.
I figure if I want one, I'd better pony up now, or go used later.
It's all Tele's fault, I blame him entirely.
I know thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's SG, but />I'd like to collect threads that have been posted here.
If you posted comments on this particular guitar, whether they be for or against, pro or con, yay or neigh, love it or shove it, I'd like to read them all over.
Will you copy and paste the links to your threads here?
I may have read them already, and even commented, but just want to collect them here and hash it all over again.
If you can afford the guitar you dream about I can only say for it!
Cheers Thanks RAF This is what's been rotting my mind.
It seems like смотрите подробнее quite unique SG in limited numbers, and if I get the right combination of motive and opportunity I'll have to pounce.
I can feel it.
Hey Col, if you have any questions, just let me know.
I have one in silverburst.
I really love this guitar.
Tele's pictures are killer.
Who else has got some?
I want to collect any thoughts and posts and pictures of this guitar RIGHT HERE.
Tell me and all the rest of us how it sounds.
Like, if you played the 70s Trib + some other guitar through the same amp, what would be the difference in the voice?
I want to know how it balances with that honking big headstock which I kind of like and if the neck feels right, and if the vaunted PLEK treatment makes a difference in the setup.
How are the fret ends?
Silverburst looks good in the pictures I've seen.
Especially since they only made them for one year or so.
I like the idea of Gibson making sort of 70s guitar which corrects all the flaws of the Norlin era, while keeping the good points of these now legendary instruments.
If there are any left when I've got my resources assembled, I'm likely to buy one.
But I know there are other posts from guys who didn't like the guitar so much.
Maybe one of them will talk sense to me.
I'm not trying to start an argument, just some perspective.
How does it feel after the rush of NGD is over?
But to add perspective, I am the kind of player that would never pay for or want a new guitar reliced.
Perspective, like honesty, is always good when reading reviews.
перейти the cheapening changes that have crept in to the manufacture process.
In hindsight, I'm guessing the microphonics probably added to the magic that came out of the original design.
Granted I've been long but hopefully helped those able to endure my rambling.
Those pups can come out if I tire or find the new ones unfulfilling of Gibsons />I've seen worse looking ones like on ссылка на продолжение recently purchased Les Paul Junior I picked up at GC with the 1 splitable humbucker.
Then, I will find a snug case to tuck her into so to illiminate rubbing paint away.
BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend Was this review helpful?
Who's got some more?
Even if yer pictures aren't as good as Tele's, I want to see them anyway.
I want to hear how it was when you got yours.
I want to know if the volute gets in your way, and how well the controls work.
This one's supposed to have 500K pots.
I don't think that's a good idea, but what do others think?
Relic doesn't like the satin, but has anyone tried to buff theirs yet?
I find this thin-to-thick profile is very nice.
It's one of Martin's lower end models, but you know what?
I love this neck.
It looks like a butcher block, it's solid as a rock, and my XC1T enjoys tuning stability like no other acoustic I have.
I have a SG Special 70ies tribute in silverburst satin.
Do you think I would get great results, if I used just buffed without doing the sanding before?
I tried it on my 70s Tribute and it didnt do much.
It made it a bit more shiny but the polish sank into the unfilled grain and just sat думал, Бамбуковый халат Relax (EFW) давайте />Its still there actually.
The problem is the 70s dont have grain filler or a top coat of clear so this wont work.
It seems they used black grain filler for color but did not fill all the way.
I just checked my sliverburst SG 70ies tribute and it has grain filler.
If you touch it, it feels totally plain.
So I guess at least the silverburst has it.
Maybe a bursted finish would look strange as a worn.
https://greenl66.ru/100/chasi-smartyou-rx5.html 3M Rubbing Compound, followed by 3M Finesse it II with a synthetic wool cloth.
I did lot of buffing these days no sanding before and looks really great.
You won't reach the result of normal high gloss SG but it really looks better.
I will go on a bit.
In the meantime Узнать больше took some pics for you.
Of course best quality, but it's a start.
Let ссылка на продолжение know if I should take some more pics.
I could take pics of both of my SGs, a real 70ies SG and that new one.
It would be great to have a p90 version of this too.
They are like PAF buckers, bright and focused.
I wouldnt say they are like p90s at all except thier loudness, but they lack that aggressive midrange p90s have.
A5 mags they really drive my amp hard but clean up well too.
Not much to dislike really.
If you lean towards being a Gibson-HenryJ hater you might not like thesebut me being a Fender fan boi and this is the first Gibson ive bought in 10 years I love it.
No hardshell case is the only real problem with these.
I like the BM very much, looks like rosewood but feels like maple.
I made sure before buying it to put a strap-on and try it standing up -I HATE neck dive.
There were a few QC issues, one being the nut slot was cut too low on the high E.
I to fill the slot with super glue and baking soda-easy fix.
Kind of hard to describe, it seems like they didnt sand the sides flush before painting.
No easy fix for this, but its not big deal.
The frets are level and smooth, not too high Im used to vintage Fender frets so Im not a fan of train tracksand no sharp ends protruding.
Now this is a big deal to some people, but I dont really care.
They hide the seems very well, and you cant see them except for on the edges.
Im sure you could find one with 2-3 pieces easily.
I also heard and right now you proved it that would fit.
But these new Minis sound so great that I don't want change them.
Maybe I will buy one more SG with P-90, something like a Junior or one of these 60ies tributes.
I don't know how old Minis sound but all I can say is that this is my best sounding guitar.
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